My name is Tomas. I like to build things. I also like to take things apart and (maybe) put them back together. But mostly I build things.

See this fine young gentleman? That's me! (with my smarter and nicer other half). Pleasure to meet you.

What Things Do I Build

Mostly web apps. Full-stack...which really is just a fancy way of saying I program both the server part and the front-end part. I'm not much of a CSS guy though (although CSS has been on my to-learn-better list for years by now).

How Do I Build Those Things

Node.js or Clojure for the back. Angular or React for the front. Postgres or Mongo for the DB, usually. And I'm looking at Rust. Also, I like functional programming. And Haskell, world's finest imperative programming language. :-)

I like to work in smaller teams - say 3-5 people - because I believe they have the lowest bureaucracy/work-done ratio.

Where Am I Online

Here's my GitHub. And here's my Twitter. Oh and here's my Reddit.

You can also reach me on my email address